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            Shandong Hesheng Group Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the sales of mechanical equipment and accessories of China Petroleum Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Machinery, Smelting Plant, Shipyard, Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Plant since 2001, and specializes in operating Cummins (the main product series are: A2300, B3.3, B3.9, QSB3.3, QSB5.9, QSB6.7, K19, K38, K50, NTA855, M11, ISM, QSM, QSX15, ISL, QSL9, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, QST30, QSK60, QSK23, QSK15, L10, VTA28 and other overhaul parts, including Fleet filter, HOLSET turbocharger, valve, cylinder head, oil pump, intercooler, piston ring, large and small tiles, cylinder liner piston, Repair kits, oil cooling cores, etc.) and successfully obtained the Cummins Fuel System China Oil Pump Nozzle Factory authorized distribution, and sales of Komatsu, Yanmar, Deutz, Allison, Shangchai, Weichai engines and their accessories, I Based on the advantages of directly receiving goods from American, European, Japanese manufacturers and agents, the company provides world-renowned brands of power equipment, engines and accessories to major user units, and complete after-sales service and fast quotation systems with high-quality product quality. excellent Market price and fast delivery method Based on the Chinese market and exported to more than a dozen countries abroad.

            "Credibility is life, quality and survival." This is the principle that all employees of Hesheng Group uphold, and it is also the goal for which we are striving forward. Concentrate on creating the soul of the enterprise, and innovate and develop the magnificent chapter. In the face of new historical opportunities and challenges, He Sheng Group is full of confidence, responsibility and ability to create better and better products for new and old customers at home and abroad, and provide first-class services. In the future development voyage, Hesheng people will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and forge ahead with lofty enthusiasm and passion, and actively create innovative ideas to create new glories and write a new chapter.

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            Add:The 15th Industrial Park of Jining High-tech Zone
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